Introducing the Agua/Vida Bulletin

The quality of life and future of San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding communities are threatened by unprecedented water challenges. The Agua/Vida Bulletin seeks to encourage dialog and cooperation among organizations and individuals confronting the many interconnected aspects of the water crisis and foster greater public involvment in the issues.

Our goals include increasing public awareness and expanding collaborations which can strengthen our individual goals while creating greater capacity and synergy.

The Agua/Vida Bulletin team includes members of Audubon de Mexico, Casita Linda and the Education Collaborative. We encourage organizations to submit brief stories about your current projects, your operations during times of COVID, plans for the future and any collaborations with other organizations you may be involved in or seeking to initiate. Along with news on current developments and activities, each issue will spotlight the work of several organizations with the objective of increasing public engagement with the many valuable projects underway. Any article submissions, suggestions or comments you may have are most welcome. You can reach us at

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