Caminos de Agua's Urban Water Initative

Caminos de Agua

Our water crisis is a region-wide crisis that encompasses not only rural communities but several cities in northern Guanajuato, including San Miguel de Allende. As such, the Upper Rio Laja Aquifer – a groundwater reservoir and main water supply for this region –is increasingly overexploited, pushing the water table further down and forcing us to dig deeper to obtain this vital resource. The water at these depths is highly contaminated with arsenic and fluoride, two dangerous and naturally-occurring chemicals that are detrimental to human health when consumed in the levels we see in the region over time. This crisis is increasingly threatening urban populations as well.

For this reason, we felt a responsibility to launch our new Urban Water Initiative. An educational effort created to inform the public of San Miguel about what we can do to mitigate the crisis and avoid the risks associated with drinking contaminated water. On Oct 12, 2021 At 12:15 members of our team will be on Via Organica’s Radio Show. If you want to learn what our Urban Water Initiative will be about, please tune in (the discussion will be in Spanish). Likewise, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our water situation and this educational program at:

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