Audubon de México

April Gaydos

Audubon de Mexico AC is an environmental organization working in the urban area of San Miguel de Allende. Our mission is to connect people to the nature of San Miguel through education, volunteer service activities, recreation and demonstration projects to secure ecological and community health and well-being.

Audubon’s work combines three linked strategies:

  • Promoting a deeper understanding of the threats to our water supply and the involvement of people in solutions that will help to conserve and protect it in the face of the continued over-extraction of our aquifer, neglected surface waters and the effects of climate change.

  • Providing children with nature-based experiences that build knowledge, skills and positive values to enrich their lives and empower them to fully participate in securing a healthy future;

  • Promoting the conservation and re-integration of biodiversity and natural systems in our urban environment through volunteer service projects that provide care for wildlife and their habitats.

We know that the future of San Miguel and all its residents depends upon our ability to work together toward a sustainable future. Through networking, sharing resources and working together we believe that we will more rapidly and effectively deliver important conservation results today and awaken our community to the realization that everyone has a role to play.

Our collaborations with teachers and principals, parents, and nature education organizations within Mexico and the United States has strengthened our Ninos y Naturaleza program. Our Nature in the City program involves collaborations with local veterinarians, community volunteers, the municipality, plant nursery owners, and climate change organizations. As a founding member of OCAS/AguaVidaSMA we collaborate with other ONGs to raise water awareness and develop and implement water conservation strategies.

Recently Audubon has launched a new Adopt a Tree initiative that directs attention and volunteer efforts toward caring for native trees on urban public lands. Trees provide invaluable ecological services, including capturing, storing water and influencing the water cycle. We invite your collaboration to remove paxtle and prune the branches of trees in our urban forest lands so we can ensure their health and longevity. For more information about this program, contact us at

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